Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Enjoyed My Alcohol Awareness Class

I was impressed by how comprehensive the online 24 hour alcohol education course I took for my new job was. I was starting to work at a new law office and was encouraged by the prospect of working in a new place but was a little discouraged by all the requirements I had to go through before starting my job.

One of the requirements, was to take an online alcohol class. Initially, I wasn't happy about taking the class online, but since my job as paying for it and I could start immediately, I wanted to get through it quickly. 

I found an online alcohol class that looked reputable and signed up right away. What surprised me, was how much I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot about substance abuse, drinking behavior and patterns, problems associated with drinking and the shocking DUI statistics. As a lawyer, these things were fascinating. The class was well written and incorporated videos as well. I also learned how much I "prejudge" situations and have decided to be more open and neutral.

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