Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alcohol Awareness Classes Can Change Your Life

I like to think that I am a responsible person. I go to work every day and I pay my bills on time. I don't lie or cheat or steal. I stay drug free and healthy except that I consider myself a wine connoisseur . I love studying wine, drinking wine, talking about wine, shopping for wine, tasting wine, etc. But now, I do it very responsibly and cautiously. I never drink and drive and hire a taxi service in advance if I go out. I don't let my friends drink and drive either. I will pay for their taxi if necessary, to keep them safe.

Throughout my twenties I was a bartender and I drank a lot more hard liquor. I never considered my drinking to be a big deal until I was arrested for a DUI. Part of my fine was to complete an online alcohol class. I was so ashamed that I took the 30 hour course.  I wasn't looking forward to it thinking it would be preachy and boring.

However, to my surprise it was exactly the opposite. I learned so many things that I never knew before, and it inspired me to look at my drinking behavior. In some ways I am glad I got that DUI. It changed my life for the better and I was spared a far worse experience.

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